Infants and young children in developing countries are at a high risk of developing complications from diseases that cause acute diarrhea. In many instances, the exact cause of death is because of dehydration. There are many simple ways to prevent dehydration, including giving the child Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS).

Key Ingredients

ORS contains some key ingredients that can help to alleviate dehydration and prevent further complications. ORS consists of a glucose-electrolyte solution that is often given to the most seriously ill patients to aid in recovery. The salts are generally given to the patient by mouth. Unfortunately, many children in developing countries do not have access to ORS. In these instances, cheaper alternatives such as antibiotics and anti-diarrheal medications are often used.

Recommended Doses

For children under two who are not yet showing signs of dehydration, an adequate dose is between 50 and 100 ml. This dose also amounts to around one quarter to one half of a large cup of fluid. Children between the ages of two and 10 years old should be given between 100 and 200 ml, or roughly half a cup to one large cup of fluid, until the diarrhea has stopped.

Children of any age who are experiencing diarrhea and dehydration should take the approximate dosing as suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Another way to get the right dose for the particular child is to take the child’s weight (kg) and multiply it by 75 ml.

Medication Notes

This product is most effective when it is properly administered. Therefore, ORS that is in a powder form needs to be mixed with water. Before this happens, water should be boiled if necessary to ensure its safety. It should also be noted that ORS is most effective when combined with zinc.


Oral rehydration salts (ORS) is a special drink that is made from a combination of dry salts.  It can be mixed with water to rehydrate the body after fluid is lost due to diarrhea.  The condition  can be treated by drinking lots of liquids including oral rehydration salts (ORS) mixed with water.

Diarrhea typically stops within a three or four day time period.  If it lasts longer than that, it can cause dehydration and malnutrition.  Children aged two or older need to drink at least a half to whole large cup of ORS drink after experiencing watery stool.  Children under the age of two needs at least a quarter to a half of a large cup of ORS after each bout with watery stool.

Why Do ORS Work? 

ORS works because it helps slow the evacuation of fluids by allowing the intestines to absorb electrolytes.  Diarrheal diseases like cholera is treated by Oral Rehydration Salts but only 35% of families in stricken countries use them because they don’t see immediate benefits.   Pre-mixed sachets are given out in areas where bacteria is feared.  Poor sanitation can also play a large factor as to whether or not ORS is used.

Backpackers and other climbers carry sachets with them as a safety measure.  The item can be purchased at many outdoor supply stores.  Even if the pre-mixed sachets are not available, some common household ingredients can be used to create the drink.

Here’s what a person would need to mix together:

ñ  Salt

ñ  Sugar

ñ  Clean drinking water 

Too much sugar can make diarrhea worst.  That’s why it’s important to seek the assistance of a medical professional if a person feels too weak to move along any further.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Rehydration salts


Cold Sore


Cold sores are one of the problems that many people face on a daily basis. One sad thing is that as of yet, there is no one-on-one remedy that has been invented to curb the effects of this syndrome. However, there are a number of natural cold sore remedies that can be sued to relief its symptoms. All you need to do is look for a safe, reliable, and effective remedy. Some people make mistakes of using bleach as a way of eradicating cold sore. This is a terrible mess that can worsen the situation since bleach is toxic to the body.

There are people who have used ice, toothpaste and salt as cold sore remedies. This is wrong. When you apply ice on the skin, there are chances of skin cell damage which can lead to frost bite. By using salt to clear sore throat, you will be exposing your skin to a number of risks. This is something that needs to be avoided completely. In order to address sore cold completely, you need to understand what triggers it. The causes of this condition will vary from one individual to the other.

You need to know that cold sore is caused by a virus. The best remedies are the ones that can handle the virus. There are some cold sore remedies that will work well against the sore virus. Peppermint, lemon balm, and cat’s claw are some of the common remedies that you can make use of to treat this condition. To recover fully, you need to include some of these remedies in your diet. These solutions are effective and they don’t have any side effects on the body. Utilizing the herbs will help you to handle the symptoms of cold sore.

Most of the cold sore remedies can be taken in form of tea. If you are not a good drinker of tea, you don’t need to worry. There is a great option for you. The capsule form is the alternative you can zero in for. These capsules are taken three times a day. The cold sore pills are a great option to deal with this viral infection. If you effectively use these herbal remedies at home, your body will be cleansed of any toxins.

Cold sore can be very painful fluid-filled blisters commonly found on the gums, lips, or the roof of the mouth. They can be contagious. This is why you need to act immediately and treat them immediately you realize you are affected. There are a number of warning symptoms that you need to be on the look. Some of the common signs are burning, itching, and elevated sensitivity. If you are going to adopt ice as one of the cold sore remedies, it should be placed on the affected area for few minutes. A tea bag can also be place for few minutes on the infected area. The use of Vaseline petroleum jelly can sooth the cold sores. It will prevent the dryness and cracking.


Information About Cold Sores

Cold sores are viral infections which occur on the skin as small blisters which are filled with fluid. More often than not these cold sores are painful and cause the victim to very uncomfortable. The worst attribute about cold sores is the fact that sometimes the condition keeps recurring even after it had healed. This is attributed to the fact that the condition is usually eliminated partially and therefore this makes it a possibility for the condition to re-emerge after a short period. This can be something that is really irritating coupling with the fact that it is a painful condition. Most people really do not know what cold sores are or where they hail from. This article will venture more into explaining that.

Cold Sores

Cold sores as we have mentioned, are caused by a virus. This virus is called herpes simplex. The virus is contagious and can be spread through any form of contact. This is the main cause of cold sores. The condition cannot be caught however from contaminated surfaces. It has to be from one person to another. It can be transferred through kissing or exchange of saliva. There occasions when the virus will be dormant and will not exhibit any symptoms. However, when it is active it will cause the manifestation of cold sores either on the lips, nose or mouth.

There are conditions which will occur simultaneously with cold sores. These conditions include fevers, flu, colds, increase in stress levels among others. Recurrence does happen and this is a phenomenon that many people who have contracted the disease have experienced. The period with which the condition recurs depends on factors unknown and it seems that it recurs randomly. In some people it recurs in a period of a year, other a month, other two weeks and therefore it is something that is basically unpredictable. The condition has a variety of symptoms which can indeed confirm that the individual is suffering from cold sores.

These symptoms include a phenomenon called a prodome. This is a tell which can indicate that the condition is about to occur soon. The individual has a tingling sensation on the spot where the blister develops. The prodome happens just before the blister develops, with a duration close to a 120 minutes before the condition develops. It can occur that the small blisters that result from the condition combine to form a single larger blister. These blisters are usually sources of pain to the victim. During recurrence the blisters do not stay as long as they did initially, they usually subside after some time due to drying up. The disease can be treated and should be. The disease usually leads to the development of other conditions which may require treatment too. A good example of these conditions is dehydration. This usually occurs because when one has the disease they are unable to eat or drink properly and hence dehydration. Cold sores are extremely common conditions and majority of the individuals have gone through the disease at one point in their lives.